Believe it or not, there are plenty of people who are unsure if their bank account is still active. How do I know this? I get asked all the time: how to check if bank account is active or not? You might find it amusing, but there are a lot of people with multiple bank accounts under their names. This can also include business bank accounts or joint accounts with a spouse. If you are unsure of whether or not your bank account is still active, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!

There are actually several ways to check if your bank account is active or not. Most of them do not require much effort either, which is always a positive. We are lucky to live in a time when most of the answers we seek are available at the click of a button. 

Each bank is going to handle its customer service a little differently. With that being said all of these ways to check if your bank account is active should be available. There are a number of reasons why a bank would close a funded account. So if you are ever wondering if your bank account is active or not, try one of these methods to quickly find your answer!

This is likely where most people will begin their search but I like to state the obvious. When you log into your online banking account you should be able to tell if your bank account is active. How? It will be listed under your accounts.

1. Log Into Your Online Banking

Another way to tell is if you can transfer some funds between accounts. If you can, then that account is obviously an active one. Most online banking websites will also have a way to activate or deactivate an account. This isn’t the same as closing your account, but it should prevent the ability to make transactions with it.

2. Call Your Bank

Another pretty obvious way to check is to call the bank itself. If your bank is big enough, it will likely have a customer call center. If you want to talk to someone directly at the branch, I recommend calling your home branch. This is the location where you either opened your account or do most of your banking.

3. Email or Live Chat with Your Bank’s Customer Support

The best part about living in a digital world? There are always electronic ways to get in contact with people and businesses. A lot of banks these days have a direct chat function or an urgent email address. If you aren’t in a place where you can call your bank, then try getting in touch with them through one of these alternative methods. 

Most chat services will link you directly to call center customer support staff so it is the same result as calling for help. If you are out of the country or it is outside of your bank’s operating hours, then reaching out electronically to customer support might be your best bet!

4. Visit Your Bank in Person

Somehow just visiting your bank in person is probably the method that requires the most work. You can always head right into your bank branch to ask them if your account is active or not. The teller will be able to immediately tell you what the situation is. 

This might be the best way for those who want an immediate and complete answer. The teller will likely just require some information from you, but you should have your answer within seconds. I know, I get it. It might be a bit of a trek for you but hey, if you want the answer sometimes you have to go right to the source!

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5. Try Using an ATM or Making a Purchase

Another easy solution that doesn’t bother anyone but yourself: try using the account. This can be done in a number of different ways including the first method on this list: signing into your online banking account. 

But you can also try popping your bank card into an ATM to see if your account is still active. You can also use your debit card to try and make a purchase somewhere. If it gets declined, then it might be time to contact the bank to see if your account is inactive.

6. Use Another App to Transfer Funds

If you really want to get creative, you can transfer funds from an app like PayPal or the Cash App to your bank account. Now wait and see if that transfer goes through. there is a good chance your account is still active if that transfer is processed without any issues.

But when your account is inactive, your transfer will be returned to your PayPal account. One reason not to use this method is that you could potentially incur a fee from PayPal for the returned transfer.

7. Check Your Mail

Most banks will also send you a notice of inactivity after a set period of time. While every bank operates differently, it is usually around two years of inactivity. There is a chance that the bank will even close your account if it is inactive for a number of years. 

Make sure to read your bank’s policies regarding inactive or dormant accounts. It could very well be that the bank has already closed your account. But first, check to see if you received a notice of inactivity. If you did, then it is a sure sign your bank account is currently inactive! 

The Bottom Line: How to Check if Bank Account is Active or Not

So there you have it: seven easy ways to see if your bank account is active. As promised, most of these methods do not require much work at all. Which way is the fastest? Probably just logging into your online banking or giving the bank a quick call! 

Thanks for reading this today, I hope you learned something!

Geek, out. 

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