Asking for money can be a hard topic for some, especially if you want to ask a significant other for that money.

It can be difficult to know how to even begin to ask your husband, partner, or boyfriend for money if you are trying to do it over text.

So, how would you ask your boyfriend politely and over text?

8 Ways To Ask Your Boyfriend For Money Politely (Via Text)

If you are lucky enough to be in a relationship, you might also be lucky enough to have someone who will want to spoil you and look after you. This is all wonderful, but what if you need to ask for something from them, something like money.

Maybe you hadn’t saved enough or planned all your bills correctly for a month.

Money and any conversation surrounding money is seen as a taboo topic and is often not talked about between couples. After all, money can become a quick separator and ender of any relationship. So, wanting to ask your boyfriend for money over text can feel like a really daunting task.

So here you go!

1. Be Honest About Why You Need Money

  • Example: “ Hi Babe, I am short of cash for food this week. Can I please borrow 25$?”
  • Example: “ Hey love, I really need gas in my car to get to work. Can you lend me $25 until I get paid?”

2. Be Straightforward and Don’t Beat Around the Bush

  • Example: “ Hi honey, I need 20$. Would you be able to send it?”
  • Example: “ Hey babes, can you send over 30$ today?”

3. Be Sweet, Flirty and Funny

Example: “ Hi sexy, you are the best man ever because you are so kind and supportive. Speaking of which, could you please lend me 15$?”

4. Avoid Being Aggressive and Instead Be Polite

  • Example A (Aggressive – Avoid): “ I really think you should send me 50$ because I deserve it!”.
  • Example B (Kind): “ I really appreciate all that you do for me. It’s okay if you can’t but could you possibly send me 50$?”

5. Send a Venmo Request for a Specific Amount of Money

  • Example: “ Girlfriend Requests $50 from Loving Boyfriend ”
  • Example: “ $50 for being an amazing girlfriend!”

6. Send an Apple Money Request via iMessage

  • Example: “ $50 is requested from your Beautiful Girlfriend! “
  • Example: “ Your loving girlfriend requested $50”

7. Send a Gif of Prayer Hands or Money and the Amount of Money You Want

  • Example: ” * insert prayer hands gif * 60$?”
  • Example: “ * insert money gif* $50?”

8. Send a Voice Note

  • Example: “ Hey babes, I hope you are well. I just wanted to ask if you could send across a little bit of money? Maybe 40$ Thanks, baby! I love you!”

Generally, asking for money can be difficult as it can be seen as rude or not appropriate to do so. Money should not be a taboo issue between yourself and your partner, but something to discuss openly and freely.

Not to worry though as this is more common than you think! The eight ways listed above will kickstart your ability to type out the best text around and get the money you need.

When Should I Ask For Money From My Boyfriend?

As a rule, you should make sure that you know what mood he is in and what the situation is in his life. Asking for money when he might be upset, unhappy, angry, or irritable will likely lead to a poor response.

Likewise, asking for money from your boyfriend when he is not doing well at work or his finances are struggling could also lead to a poor response and perhaps even go as far as to start an issue in the relationship.

Long story short, timing is key on this one!

Should You Use Money Apps To Ask For Money From Your Boyfriend?


As a rule, keep a good ledger or history of all transactions between yourself and anyone else. This will help to not only keep a running total of what was lent or given but also gives you peace of mind if anything should ever be questioned.

Having receipts of these transactions on both ends (the sender and recipient) will eliminate any potential fallout from the money being given.

Money Apps are easy and convenient and almost everyone has access to one form or another of a money app. Even some banks will allow a cash transfer from accounts which acts as a money app scenario.

Now Go And Text Your Boyfriend About Money!

There is nothing scary, wrong, or rude about asking for money from your boyfriend. As long as you follow a few simple rules of being kind, honest, straightforward, and not aggressive or rude then you should not have any issue with getting money from your boyfriend.

Geek, out.

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