One of the most searched phrases online is “how to double your money in 24 hours.” Numerous articles on the web claim that many fast and easy ways of increasing your profit with minimum expenditure are possible.

However, some of these methods involve great risk or will not actually double your profit in a single day.

While day trading or investing in stocks may be legitimate ways to earn cash, there are many other, generally safer ways to earn income which are discussed in this article.

Read on for a list of 9 ways to double your money in 24 hours, with fewer upfront costs.

3 Ways to Double $20 – $150 in 24 Hours

When you don’t have much money, establishing connections with those within your neighbourhood can be a great starting point when you are looking to double just a couple hundred dollars or even less. With the right investments, you can easily double your income in a single day.

1. Mow Friends’, Families’, and Neighbour’s’ Lawns

Investing in a small, used, and less expensive lawnmower while reaching out to neighbours is an easy way to earn money. Your clients will generally consist of the following:

  • Neighbours who can’t easily mow their own lawns
  • Neighbours with busy lifestyles
  • Friends
  • Relatives

By mowing just 5 friends’ and neighbours’ lawns in one day, you can easily double your money in 24 hours. (I’ve done it!)

2. Shovel Snow for a Friend, Relative, or Neighbours

Shoveling snow in the winter should only cost about $30 (or the amount that you will pay for a decent shovel if you don’t already have one). If you were to charge $20 per house, you could easily triple your money by clearing the properties of those on your block! (Plus you get exercise!)

3. Pet Sit Your Friend, Family, or Neighbours’ Dogs

To pet sit, you may only need to buy a sturdy leash and dog treats. If you can feed, walk, play and care for 3 dogs in a single day, you can earn up to $90 per day according to this page on the home services website, HomeGuide. (Plus you get to play with dogs all day!)

2 Ways to Double $151 – $499 in 24 Hours

In addition to laborious, local tasks like mowing neighbors’ lawns or shoveling friends’ properties, you can also capitalize on your tech-savviness and ability as a content creator through various online mediums.

1. Start a Retail Arbitrage Business

As shown in this video, YouTuber, Financial Wolf, earned $492 in one day after visiting several thrift stores and purchasing used and on-sale items. According to ThisOnlineWorld, an informational site about making and saving money online, common items that retail arbitrage sellers list include:

  • Apparel and accessories
  • Books
  • Electronics
  • Home goods
  • Toys
  • Video Games

After packing and selling items he bought on his first day, Financial Wolf’s total profit was $340.20. For a profit of over at least $151, it is entirely possible to buy, sell, and repackage items within a single day if you know how to find a bargain and are ready to hustle.

2. Create an Account on a Membership Platform

As I talk about in my article Make Money on a Website Without Selling Anything, if you’re a creator, or have a website, earning an income can be as simple as creating an account on one of these membership platforms:

On such sites, artists, writers, musicians, and other creative minds offer perks through subscriptions. If you already have an online following, multiple people may subscribe to your membership within a single day.

Oftentimes, membership sites will charge you depending on your total profits or subscription plan (as the art-related website, DeviantArt does). Upon first creating any membership, it is entirely possible to earn over $200 while doubling your investments within a single day.

2 Ways to Double $500 to $999 in 24 Hours

Money can often be made from items within your own home (or even by cleaning someone else’s)!

1. Clean Attics, Cellars, and Garages

To clean attics, cellars, and garages, a large truck should be rented, especially if you desire to work on multiple houses in one day. Safety gear should also be acquired, which includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Gloves
  • Masks
  • Safety Glasses

You must pay for ads that you place in the local newspaper, expenses related to the truck rental, safety gear, and hire staff. Despite that the initial costs can certainly add up to more than $500, you can make up to $1000 (or more) in a single day!

2. Sell Old or Broken Jewelry

Old jewelry often rests, unused and packed away, at the bottom of drawers. While you may wear some of what you own, what you once inherited or received as gifts, may now be broken or might no longer be desirable.

Furthermore, the following metals are in the highest demand right now according to this 2022 article by Investopedia:

  • Gold
  • Palladium
  • Platinum
  • Silver

Your old jewelry may be worth much more than you realize!

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2 Ways to Double Over $1000 in 24 Hours

By selling used items, online or in-person, you can easily and cumulatively earn over $1,000 in cash value.

1. Sell Used or Vintage Items at a Garage Sale

Having a yard or garage sale is an easy way to clear the junk in your house while earning extra cash for what you no longer want or need. When selling, it also helps to conduct research online so that you know the value of your items and can label them appropriately.

2. Sell Used Items on E-Commerce Sites Like Amazon

Selling used or vintage items online can earn you a great deal of money. You can start shops for free on marketplaces like:

You can also list items that you no longer use or may have in storage. Even with seller fees, it is certainly possible (but not easy) to earn over $2,000 in one day when listing more expensive items.

The Bottom Line

There are many safe and attainable ways to earn double your profit in 24 hours. If you desire to earn profit in one day or less, however, certain requirements must be met. For instance, long-term projects, like selling one’s services on freelancing websites or flipping and reselling domains, will not be ideal.

Earning money is often about trial and error. Ultimately, you decide what you sell, invest in, and spend your time on. While such autonomy can be intimidating, it is this freedom that yields the most lucrative monetary gains.

As always, thanks for reading folks – now go make that money!

Geek, out.

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