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If you have been following the crypto industry, you have no doubt seen people refer to 10x or 100x on a coin. So what does 100x mean in crypto? It is a ratio of the potential future growth of the token and the return on your initial investment. Let’s just say that if you can achieve a 100x return on your investment, you’re doing pretty well for yourself. 

This rule applies to any type of asset whether it is cryptos, stocks, or real estate. When it comes to crypto, 100x means you are anticipating a return that is 100 times greater than your investment amount. While this might not be as common in things like stocks, 100x is actually a realistic achievement for some crypto traders. 

Don’t worry, if you were wondering what 100x meant in crypto, you are not alone. When I first got into following cryptos, I had to look it up myself! In this article, I’ll also talk about which cryptocurrencies have been 100x in the past and which ones have a chance to be again in the future! 

What Does 100x Mean in Crypto? 

The term 100x in crypto is often used as a hyperbole although many of us know it has certainly happened in the past. When a crypto trader says 100x, it means they are looking for a fast and exponential gain on their investment. If you invested $100.00 into a crypto token, a 100x return means you are expecting your investment to grow to $10,000 or more. 

Is that realistic in crypto? It might be surprising to some but there have been plenty of stories of smaller cryptocurrencies achieving a 100x return. Normally you would see these in coins other than the blue-chip ones like Bitcoin or Ethereum. For Bitcoin to be 100x from here, the total price of one Bitcoin would have to reach over $1.6 million. And for Ethereum, we would be looking at a price of about $140,000. 

But there are plenty of cryptos that trade for just a few dollars or even fractions of a cent. It wouldn’t be surprising to see these 100x at all. Why? Because the price of the token would still be below $1.00. If you are a crypto trader that is looking for an explosive gain, it’s best to look at these smaller projects rather than going after the big ones. 

What Coins Have 100x in the Past? 

First of all, it’s easy to say that many if not most cryptos have already provided 100x returns depending on when you got in. Bitcoin traded for pennies at the beginning and dropped back down to $1.00 USD several times throughout its history. Now, it is currently trading at about $17,000 so we can see it has clearly provided well over 100x returns to those who have been patient.

Two of the most noteworthy cryptos to have 100x in the past are DogeCoin and Shiba Inu Token. DogeCoin is considered by many to be the original meme coin. It gained massive popularity when Tesla CEO Elon Musk championed the token on social media. Doge became so popular that at its peak it provided returns of over 27,000% in less than six months. 

Shiba Inu Token has an even more impressive history than Doge. Shib, as it is more commonly known, had total returns of over 46,000,000% in 2021 alone when it exploded onto the crypto scene. Some traders became millionaires overnight just by holding a small amount of Shib in their wallets. Shib’s rapid ascent is often why people take chances in the crypto markets. 

Is It Realistic to Invest in 100x Crypto Coins? 

Of course! As I have already covered in this article, almost any smaller market-cap crypto can reach 100x under the right circumstances. Again, if you are looking to invest for 100x returns, I would suggest looking at smaller, lesser-known projects, rather than blue-chip coins like Bitcoin. It’s not that Bitcoin can’t do another 100x from here, but the odds are a lot lower.

Investing in the next 100x crypto isn’t easy: if it were, we would all be millionaires. You need to find coins with a low market cap, a loyal following, and a blockchain or network that has some sort of utility. It can be things like DeFi staking, NFTs, or even real-life use cases like a payment system. 

If you want to find another 100x crypto to invest in early, do your due diligence and research the project. You can also check for trending cryptos on sites like Twitter or Reddit. This social media sentiment can often lead to a cascading effect with lots of buyers rapidly driving up the crypto’s price. If you can keep your finger on the pulse of these smaller coins, you can usually end up with some good trading opportunities. 

The Bottom Line: What Does 100x Mean in Crypto?

When it comes to investing, a 100x in any type of asset means a return of 100 times your initial investment amount. A 100x in crypto is easier to come by than in other assets like stocks or ETFs. But remember, the crypto market can be volatile and 2022 has been an excellent example of this. No crypto investment should be considered a guarantee, especially if you are looking for a 100x return. 

But we can also look back at coins like Doge and Shiba Inu to see that anything is possible given the right circumstances. There will certainly be cryptos that 100x again in the future, but the difficult part is finding the ones that will.

Geek, out.

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